“Donkie” – A theatre production with Frank Opperman

I had the opportunity to watch Frank Opperman's one-man show, Donkie, in our town hall last week. It was organised by one of the local church committees as a fundraising event. The comical drama has just finished showing at the annual KKNK in Oudtshoorn, and since I couldn't attend the festival this year, I was excited to attend a show I wouldn't otherwise have gotten the chance to see.

Inspiring spaces: Hartenbos beach

A few weeks ago, I hurt my shoulder while swimming in the ocean. This probably doesn't seem as upsetting to you as it does to me. It was quite embarrassing, because I grew up in those same waves, at the same beach at Hartenbos, the little bit of ocean I've always been used to. It just shows you how Mother Nature keeps prevailing. Unconquerable.