Inspiring spaces: Botlierskop Game Reserve

The weather is dreary. There are grey clouds obscuring the sun and a rude wind picking at the branches of the trees. Luckily, I'm safe inside the wood and glass panels of the Botlierskop restaurant, where the grass roof overhead seems undisturbed by the storm that's been brewing over the area for the last few days. This game reserve is quite popular with tourists, and looking at the view of the small green valley with roaming rhinos and springboks, I can understand why.

Inspiring spaces: Hartenbos beach

A few weeks ago, I hurt my shoulder while swimming in the ocean. This probably doesn't seem as upsetting to you as it does to me. It was quite embarrassing, because I grew up in those same waves, at the same beach at Hartenbos, the little bit of ocean I've always been used to. It just shows you how Mother Nature keeps prevailing. Unconquerable.