About the author

My name is Rouxné (pronounced Roo-nay) van der Westhuizen. A French-ish name and a Dutch surname, I know – that’s South Africa for you. I’m a travel and environmental writer and journalism course instructor situated in the Garden Route – the most beautiful part of South Africa.

I am a writer, an artist and lover of art and books. I’m also an overall enthusiast of creative thinking and memorable experiences.

Roo-nay van der Westhuizen

I have a fascination for people, telling stories, discovering places and acquiring knowledge. And that, dear reader, is what this blog is about. I’m the type of traveller that wants to immerse myself in the culture of a destination, its people, its art. I’m also the type of traveller that believes in always keeping a travel journal, like Oscar Wilde. I believe there’s always something in this wonderful world to write about, and that’s why I write about the various aspects of travelling for creative souls.

If you’d like to know more, or just say hi, drop me a message on the contact page.

Happy reading, and enjoy the journey!

(Photo by Jeff Rotta)